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Afsluitdijk Wadden Center 

The Afsluitdijk Wadden Center (AWC) sits on the famous Afsluitdijk, overlooking the Ijsselmeer to the east and the Wadden Sea to the west.  This informative and interactive experience is an exhibition designed by the creative minds in MoMolab.  

The projects focuses on Dutch heritage as a people of the delta. It explores the centuries of living with water and the latest challenges of climate change and sea level rise.  

The team was responsible for many tasks 

  • Concepts creation 
  • Content creation and management solutions 
  • Wayfinding 
  • 2D animation

Interactive Exhibits

The AWC includes several interactive exhibits that help visitors absorb information in a playful way

  • Interactive Colour & Scan 

  • Synchronised videos 

  • Interactive Exhibits