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On-site Analysis & Reporting

Exploring new perspectives can open doors that were previously undiscovered. That’s why we offer on-site analysis and reporting services, providing our clients with valuable insights into optimizing their museum or visitor centre to better connect with their target audience, and even expand it.

A Fresh Perspective, Innovative Solutions

Sometimes, a fresh perspective is all that’s needed to solve a challenge. You can engage us to visit your museum or visitor centre, where we carefully observe and document how your guests interact with your content. Through our checklist, checkpoints, and personal experience, we identify what is working well, what aspects are missing, and areas where improvements can be made to enrich the overall visitor experience.

Comprehensive Reporting for Improvement 

After our visit, we compile a thorough report. This report serves as your roadmap to potential solutions. We categorize these solutions into two key areas:

  • Low Hanging Fruit: These are simple interventions that are easy to implement with minimal financial investment. They deliver quick wins and immediate improvements to your exhibitions or programs.
  • Serious Interventions: Some improvements may require more dedicated resources and time. We identify these as opportunities for larger investments that can significantly enhance your museum or visitor centre offerings.

Versatile Applications 

Our report can serve various purposes, whether you’re planning major renovations, optimizing visitor flow, or securing potential grants. It can also be used as a foundation for further exhibition development with MoMoLab or as a standalone document for collaborations with other parties. It is an honest, pressure-free document designed to highlight areas for improvement and provide clear insights into possible solutions.

on-site analysis tailored for your needs 

We understand that every museum or visitor centre is unique. Therefore, our experts conduct comprehensive visits to assess your exhibitions, programs, and content. We aim to understand the nuances of your space. Our report not only offers simple and cost-effective solutions but also presents innovative concepts tailored to the context of your museum or visitor centre.

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