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Illustrations can be employed for various purposes, whether it’s making a story more vivid, replacing text, clarifying a point, brightening up a game, or making a book cover that jumps of the shelf. A beautiful visual can do it all.

In-House Illustrator

At MoMolab, we have our own illustrator, providing us with the opportunity to shape projects in a unique and distinctive way. With 18 years of experience in the field, our in-house illustrator can adapt to different illustration styles. In collaboration with you, he crafts designs that perfectly reflect your vision.

Hand-Drawn Art

In addition to using programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and 3D software, our in-house illustrator excels in creating hand-drawn illustrations. These hand-drawn assets can add authenticity to your project and distinguish themselves from the digital art and AI-generated images that are prevalent today, although we can also provide the latter.

Why Illustrations?

A good illustration makes your project unique and ensures recognizability, clarity, and a sense of authenticity. It sets itself apart from other projects and contributes to the unique identity you aim to achieve.

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