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Game Concepts

At MoMoLab, we are passionate about gaming. Our team takes pride in developing innovative game concepts that transform museum and visitor centre experiences. We understand the power of games in education and entertainment, and our mission is to strike the right balance between these two worlds to create engaging, interactive, and informative experiences for your visitors.

game concepts for children

Engaging younger audiences is essential for any museum or visitor center. Our minigames are tailor-made to captivate children and keep them connected to the content of an exhibition. These games are not only entertaining but also serve as a bridge to education, making learning a joyful experience. Moreover, if a game is fun for a young child, it’s usually enjoyable for all ages.

Interactive quiz to test knowledge 

Imagine your visitors challenging themselves with an interactive quiz that not only tests their knowledge but also deepens their understanding of a subject. Our interactive quizzes are designed to make learning enjoyable. Through questions, answers, and feedback, we transform passive observers into active participants.

Serious game teach valuable lessons 

Education is most effective when it is engaging and memorable. Our serious games are created to convey information to your visitors in an engaging and challenging way. Whether it’s history, science, culture, or art, our serious games turn learning into an enjoyable journey.

Why game concepts matter

Sometimes, the best way to engage visitors is to make them laugh. Our playful games are designed to do just that. These games add a layer of fun to your exhibitions, ensuring that every visitor leaves with a smile and a cherished memory.

contact us about game concepts

Let us bring game concepts to life in your museum or visitor centre, turning every visit into an enriching and enjoyable experience. Contact us to explore the possibilities of our game concepts.