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MoMoLab offers immersive and interactive experiences that combine technology and creativity to captivate visitors of all ages. We have a wide range of innovative products that can educate, entertain, and awe your guests beyond your expectations.

Our solutions include Colour & Scan, an application that animates visitors’ artwork in real-time. If you’re looking to test your visitors’ knowledge, we can design, program, and build quizzes and other serious games for you. Our Synchronized Video walls are perfect for exhibits, visitor centers, and museums that want to tell stories across multiple screens in a fun and engaging way. 

For visitors who want to access more dynamic information, our QR codes allow easy access to multilingual content on smartphones. We also offer products that encourage creativity and collaboration, such as the Visual Composer, a giant drum machine that creates different beats and effects. The In the Mix Speedcourse is a DJ crash course that is perfect for music festivals, youth centers, and other events. 

Our immersive experiences include the Immersive Projection, which drops the visitor into a visually stunning 360-degree projection show, and the Virtual Reality Experience that allows visitors to explore locations and situations that are otherwise inaccessible. Our Spotlight Showcase gives visitors the opportunity to educate themselves in a fun and interactive way, in a subject of their own choosing. 

These are just a few of the innovative products that we offer at MoMoLab. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you create unforgettable experiences for your visitors. 

Immersive Projection

The visitor walks through a room immersed in projections, displayed on each wall and across the floor. In this example, visitors are enveloped by the theme of flowers. A series of thematic scenes unfold one after the other supported by a composed piece of music. Visitors stand in the middle of the scenes, becoming part of the show creating a moving and special moment.



Quiz Exhibit


Visitors can colour in their drawing before placing the results in a scanner, and then, they watch in awe as their creation comes to life on an interactive screen.


Scanning the QR code gives visitors more information in the form of photo, video and/or audio.


A large touchscreen allows visitors to request information on the desired topics. Videos, photos, text and other types of files can be requested and viewed.

Spotlight Showcase