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Interactive exhibits 

Everyone is familiar with traditional museum setups featuring information boards filled with text and objects behind glass. Nowadays, there are exciting new ways to engage visitors and create impactful moments. At MoMoLab, we specialize in developing interactive exhibits that align with the changing preferences of the latest generation of museum visitors.

New forms of Communication 

For contemporary museum-goers, seeking diverse communication options and engaging stories is a priority. Interactive exhibits are particularly suited for this. Whether high-tech, low-tech, or a combination of both, they all have one thing in common: by actively involving visitors, the story is conveyed in an enjoyable and unforgettable way. MoMoLab aims for sustainability and makes content easily interchangeable where possible, making these exhibits more versatile. Through these innovative methods, we can breathe new life into historical artifacts and memorabilia, elevate the story, and bring the past to life in exciting ways.

Interactive 3D Scanning and Replicas 

We embrace innovative technology to enhance your exhibitions. Historical objects can now be scanned in 3D, and high-quality replicas can be printed from materials such as plastic. This allows visitors to see the original artifact safely behind glass while also having the opportunity to hold and examine the replica.

Multimedia Experiences 

Imagine visitors placing a replica on a platform, triggering a video with a narrator explaining the historical significance. The combination of text, narration, video, and interaction creates a powerful experience that resonates with visitors of all ages. We can devise new and interesting ways to showcase content in an exhibition, enhancing the engaging material already in your collection.

Active Visitor Participation 

Our interactive exhibits encourage active visitor participation. Intuitive interfaces, feedback moments, and objects that people can hold and move transform historical facts into engaging and meaningful storytelling. Visitors not only learn but also actively participate in the content, creating a lasting memory and emotional connection.

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