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MoMoLab is a creative studio that creates moving moments in digital and physical spaces. The studio is composed of a team of five members, each playing their own important role. We have expertise in every step pf the process, from concept, to content creation, and finally, to realization.  We design immersive experiences accessible to all ages and abilities. MoMoLab aspires to make virtual experience for both public and private initiatives, including both visitors of information centers and museums, and also, for users of services in the medical and mental health care industry.  We want to bring these moments to life. 

Dirk Kranendonk

Graphic designer & art director

Dirk is a talented graphic designer an art director. He leads projects from the earliest points in the process through until the end; from brainstorming concepts, to content creation and project realization. He specializes in translating the wishes of clients into clear ideas that are achievable within any budget and timeframe.  
Dirk is also key to researching and development. He often takes charge while expanding on the client’s vision to see the feasibility of a concept as an actual experience or product.

Lucas Brailsford

lead motion graphic designer & concept

Lucas is the lead motion graphic designer of Momolab, instrumental in the process of storyboarding ideas, writing scripts, producing the 2D and 3D animations, creating soundscapes and editing the final product. His focus on storytelling has led him to search the best approaches to bring ideas from a concept into a real audio-visual experience.  

Lucas is also invested in researching new technologies and design approaches that can improve the quality of the Momolab productions. He believes in the importance of utilizing AI art or other tools to improve content and speed up the design process. 

Max Eerdhuijzen

lead developer & game artist

Max is the lead developer and game artist in the team, key to designing VR/XR experiences and applications. He specializes in improving user experiences by creating engaging, approachable and attractive products and applications for all ages and abilities.  

Max is instrumental in finding solutions to technological challenges, often through detailed technical schemas needed to build and maintain reliable programs and devices.  

Dirk-Jan de Graaf

2D illustrator & 3D designer

Dirk-Jan is the inhouse 2D illustrator and 3D designer. He has played a central role in developing both emotive concept art and the beautiful visuals that will end up in final designs. Whether a project requires hand drawn sketches or detailed 3D models, Dirk-Jan produces elements that bring projects to life.  

Besides his graphical abilities, he is also key to the planning processes of the team. He always contributes his years of operational knowledge and skills in project organization and client communications.

Johnno de Vos

all-round developer

Johnno is a gifted all-round developer, particularly skilled in networking solutions and problem-solving. His interests in making structured and logical code leads to well-made programs that are easy to maintain and update.  

His interests also extend to front-end design and intuitive user experience. He has been central in building and programming devices that bridge digital content with physical interfaces.