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Exhibit Modernisation

In a world increasingly driven by technology, museums and visitor centres face the exciting challenge of making their physical collections more interactive and accessible to a diverse and tech-savvy audience. Many exhibits boast incredible artifacts, but often, lack the interactivity that modern audiences expect. At MoMoLab, we specialize in exhibit modernisation. We will harness the power of technology to breathe new life into historical artifacts and captivating stories. Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional museum experiences and the digital age, providing visitors with engaging ways to connect with the past.  

our services

Imagine museum visitors having the opportunity to experience an exhibition in a way they could never have imagined. We achieve this by integrating technology into the museum experience. The following services make this possible: 

interactive exhibits 

Encourage active visitor participation with your exhibits. With intuitive interfaces, feedback moments and objects that people can hold and move, historical facts take on new meaning. 

extended reality (ar/vr) 

Step into another world with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences. Visitors can interact with art objects, characters, and environments in a way that brings history to life. 

enhanced tours  

Using personal smartphones or loaned tablets, visitors can scan QR codes strategically placed throughout the museum or visitor centre. Instantly, they access an online source of elevated information, stories, and multimedia content related to the objects that are on display. 

why does exhibit modernisation matter? 

We believe that memorable museum experiences go beyond just text and display cases. Our approach is aimed at stimulating multiple senses, ensuring that the subjects resonate deeply with visitors and leave lasting impressions. 

contact us about exhibit modernisation 

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