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Interactive Installations 

At MoMoLab, we believe that an interactive installation is more than just a part of a larger whole. It is a standalone artwork, often temporary, capable of telling a story on its own. Whether it’s a square, event, lobby, or public space, a temporary interactive installation in a strategic location can be a powerful means to share your story with a wide audience, temporarily transform a location, raise awareness, or simply add more engagement.

From Concept to Realization

Within MoMoLab, we have the skills and network to bring an interactive project from concept to realization. We guide you in planning and conceptualizing your project, ensuring it aligns with your goals and vision. Whether you’re thinking of intuitive interfaces, sensors, or real-time tracking solutions, we have the technical expertise to bring your ideas to life. Together with you, we determine where a technical solution is required and where a more low-tech solution might be more suitable, always keeping your specific project requirements in mind.

Complete Design Support

Our services go beyond technical expertise. We can assist you with the overall design of the exhibition, including decor and furniture. Through 3D modelling, we create a virtual representation of your space so that you can visually experience the end result. Additionally, we provide detailed technical plans and maintenance support to ensure that the interactive devices are robust and continue to perform seamlessly.

interactive installations that are Accessible for All 

We believe in the accessibility of interactive installations for a broad audience, regardless of age, level, or ability. Our commitment is to create inclusive experiences that serve diverse audiences so that everyone can participate and enjoy the installations.

Transforming Passive Observation into Active Participation 

At MoMoLab, interaction is central to creating experiences. That’s why we develop custom software that invites visitors to interact with the content in innovative ways. Our expertise includes various technologies, such as RFID solutions, real-time tracking, pattern recognition, and various sensors. With these tools, we transform passive observation into active participation, allowing each visitor to experience an immersive journey.

contact us about interactive installations

At MoMoLab, we’re interested in your ideas. Explore the possibilities of our interactive installation services and get in touch. We look forward to collaborating with you to create a unique and impactful experience.