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The Magic Coloring Page: Free Download!

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At MoMoLab, we’ve been working on an enchanting project over the past few weeks: coloring pages that come to life! Imagine being at a restaurant, a large department store, or a children’s party, and the kids are completely captivated by what they’ve created themselves. This project is nearly complete, and we can’t wait to share the results with you.


My role (Dirk-Jan de Graaf) in this exciting project involved designing these coloring pages, one of my favorite activities as an illustrator. For as long as I can remember, parents have asked me to create coloring pages for their children so they can quietly enjoy a meal or do some shopping. This trick has been used for years in restaurants and play areas: a few colored pencils and a coloring page guarantee at least fifteen minutes of relaxation and fun. This gave me an idea: what if I spent more time creating a coloring page than I normally would and shared it for free on the MoMoLab website? This way, I can not only celebrate my own birthday more peacefully but also make many more children and parents happy with beautiful coloring pages.

So, here’s an extensive A3 and A4 coloringpages with dinosaurs (my favorite subject as a child), available for everyone to download for free. I would love to see your colored versions! Share your final result on social media with the hashtag #MoMoLab, and if you’d like, you can also suggest a topic for the next one!

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Due to the enjoyable and especially inspiring reactions, I have decided to continue with the previous coloring page. I will try to create a new coloring page every month from now on, which will be available for free download from this page. Suggestions for future coloring pages are always welcome, and please share your final results on social media with the hashtag #MoMoLab, so that we can all enjoy them together!

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