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What is an Interactive Experience? 

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We are MoMoLab, a creative studio that has emerged from a successful collaboration within the experiences design industry. Our team has played a leading role in the conceptualization, development, and realization of several major projects, such as the Afsluitdijk Wadden Center, Our House, and Floriworld. Within these projects, we were responsible for storytelling, wayfinding and creating immersive experiences. We designed interactive installations and exhibits intended to engage visitors in a fun, innovative, and informative manner. 

Through the creation of these installations and exhibits, we have acquired a diverse range of skills that we now offer as various services under MoMoLab. These services include: 

  • Concept development  
  • Experience design  
  • Graphic design  
  • Branding  
  • Illustration/Visualization 
  • Website design  
  • Game design  
  • Software development    
  • Animation  
  • Video editing  
  • En many more 

However, despite the extensive list of services we provide, our passion and primary drive still lie in entertaining, engaging, and informing people through interactive installations and exhibits, and that remains our focus. Often an interactive experience is the amalgamation of many or all the services listed above. 

What is an Interactive Experience? 

An interactive experience is a way of storytelling conveying a message, information or idea in a visually impressive and immersive way.  It asks people to actively engage with the subject, often using many their senses—be it sight, sound, smell, taste or touch. An interactive experience utilizes one or more installations or exhibits to create an immersive environment. 

But what exactly is an interactive exhibit or installation? An installation is usually a one-off design that stands alone and can sometimes have a more temporary nature, while an exhibit is part of a bigger exposition, long-term, and can even have interchangeable content, making it more versatile for different uses. Both can take various forms and sizes, but they are all designed to actively involve visitors in a particular subject or story. 

The purposes of interactive exhibits and installations are twofold. Firstly, they should convey educational information in an engaging and memorable way. By doing so, visitors can better understand and internalize complex concepts in a natural way through this active participation. 

Secondly, interactive exhibits and installations should entertain and engage visitors. They provide a moment of participation in an interactive, surprising, and enjoyable way, making people feel more involved with the content and inclined to stay and engage for a longer time. By playing, experimenting, and exploring, visitors can indulge their curiosity and form a personal connection with the displayed content. 

We achieve interactivity through various technologies, such as touchscreens, virtual reality, motion or gesture tracking sensors, sound effects, and more. Visitors can touch, manipulate, ask questions, and even make decisions that impact the outcome of the experience. 

Who are interactive experiences intended for? 

Due to the informative and entertaining nature of our products, they are suitable and applicable across all layers of society. Essentially, anyone who has a message or story to tell and wants to convey it in a fun and effective way can make use of them. They can be used in various educational contexts, such as science centres, art galleries, history museums, technology fairs, municipal headquarters, event halls, showrooms, and for branding purposes in the retail spaces. Any area, indoor or outdoor where content can be presented to an audience can be the site of an interactive experience. 

What can MoMoLab do for you? 

As we are well aware, every client is different, and there are multiple paths to achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, we offer two options: 

Basic Concepts 

Firstly, we provide a number of proven basic concepts that can be easily customized to meet the individual needs of a client. This ensures a well-functioning interactive experience for your visitors/customers at a competitive price. 


Additionally, we always offer the option for customization, where we work together with our clients to develop new unique experiences that aligns with their needs, identity, target audience, and objectives. At each step of this process, we evaluate against these criteria. 

At MoMoLab, we are always excited to work with the latest technologies, but storytelling is at the heart of what we do. In all cases, we will choose the technology that ensures the interactive exhibit or installation provides an intuitive, robust, well-functioning, and meaningful experience for your target participants. 

We are here to help you convey your message in an engaging, innovative, and memorable way. Feel free to contact us and discuss the ways we can work together!